BC8 Mammoth (Flagship Version)

€ 1.530,00

€ 1.475,00

Levertijd: 3-5 dag(en)


  • Interior included
  • wheels steel
  • tyres 135/48r2.2
  • axles alloy
  • transfer box alloy
  • gear box alloy 2 speed
  • gears steel
  • d shafts hardened steel
  • lighting intelligent system
  • a-arms alloy
  • a-arm mounts alloy
  • c hubs alloy
  • st knuckles alloy
  • rear hub carriers alloy
  • sound full sound system
  • Front independent suspension
  • Rear beam type suspension
  • 2 speed transmission
  • 560 torque tuned motor
  • Lighting kit
  • Scale interior

Body: Model Plastic Body shell

Cab doors and hatches: Metal hinges,9 doors can be open

Fully detailed scales cab and external: Yes

Intelligent lighting system: yes

Top searchlight and dual Headlights: Yes

Reading lamp and instrument lamp in the cab: Yes

Heat dissipation engine compartment: Yes

Steel front bumper: Yes

Metal folding ladder: Yes

Front/back metal trailer Hook: Yes

All metal cross-country bi-axial traction disk: Yes

Metal traction guide rail: Yes

Metal CNc beam: Yes

A arm support: metal CNC(8units)

Up and down A arm: Metal CNC (16units

Steering cup holder: Metal CNC(4 units)

Steering cup: Metal CNC(4 units)

Rear wheel support: Metal CNC(4 units)

Front double torsion bar shock absorption mechanism(8sets): Yes

Steel high precision torsion bar fixed(8sets): Yes

Metal spring shock absorber: Yes

Metal die-casting rear balance beam: Yes

All metal twin channel steering mechanism: Yes

Metal steering engine bracket: Yes

Specially high torque 560 motor: Yes

Steel 10T motor tooth: Yes

Steel 14T motor tooth: yes

All metal two speed gearbox: Yes

Steel tranfer gear group: Yes

Stainless steel differential gear group: Yes

Metal reinforced double ball CVD semi shaft (8seats): Yes

Steel stiffened CVD drive shaft: Yes

Transfer case: Metal CNC (4units)

Axle housing: Metal CNC (4units)

2.4"steel wheel tire emulation hub": Yes

MAMMOTH Cross-country hub: Yes

High density sponge inner tube: Yes

Metal Chassis armored (4 pieces totally): Yes

Simulation spare ornaments package: Yes

Power distribution module (2S/3S)each): Yes

Specially Speaker sound group: Yes

Simulation sound group: Yes

Steel wire rope trailer hook: Yes

Simulation tools (3units): Yes

Special tools for intallation and debugging (4units): Yes

CROSSRC Special tools: 3 screwdrivers,2special sleeves