CrossRc Demon SR4-C 1/10 (Kit)

€ 490,00

€ 465,00

Levertijd: 3-5 dag(en)


High quality construction kit for a 1:10 scale crawler, the Demon range from Cross RC sets a new standard in performances and durability.

The Demon is really a must in the climbing art. 3 versions are available with differents levels of equipments.

Note : the motor is not included.

Notes : Pictures may show equipments that are not available in all variants.

Please, look at the specifications to have the exact list of included equipments.

This is a build kit, pictures shows the assembled and painted model.


Model: DEMON SR4 C

Body: PC transparent soft shell

Front face: 4 X square lamp, Square grille, Chroming Lightting:

High power LED

Front bumper: Sports type

Winch: No

Trailer shackle: Metal

Engine decoration board: No

Simulation Snokle: No

Cab interior: No

Cab anti roll rack: No

Car door guardrail: No

Side bars (pedals): Nylon

Anti slide plate of rear tube frame: Metal

Rear frame: Nylon

Gearbox housing: Metal shell + stell gear

Transfer case housing: Metal shell + stell gear

Transfer case integral floor plate: Metal

Front & Rear drive shaft: Metal

Reverse transmission function: No

Bulb: Metal

Shock absorber: Metal Coilover

Axle: G1 axle – CNC axle shell+ CVD

Axle gear: Spiral metal gear

HUB: Metal

Wheel hub: Aluminium CNC

Tyre: Black rock 115/45R1.9

Double segment inner tube: Yes

Wat heeft u nog nodig?

  • Steering servo
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter (4 channel suggested)
  • Brushed or brushless motor
  • ESC
  • Battery